Al-Yamama is a leading company specializing in the fields of broadcasting and audiovisual production, offering a wide package of services at the highest standards, and in ways of professional work, with extreme precision dates.

The company was established in 2002 in the city of Tamra in the north of Palestine, founded by the director Khaled Idris, it owned the first Outside broadcasting van (OB VAN)  in 2006,  which reached by today to 4  OB units in addition to three fly away units, and  SNG vehicle includes an external 6 HD cameras.

In 2014 Al Yamama headed towards the Arab world by opening its office in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, and in early 2016 opened its second office in the Palestinian territories in Ramallah under the name of SAT CAST.

Al Yamama presented during this period, a variety of services for major international and Arab stations, and facilitated the work for a large group of journalists and media personnel. Al Yamama complete cover the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza as well as the east and west of Jerusalem, and characterized in providing the highest quality in broadcasting, production, technical solutions and consulting services about everything related to our field.