Al-Yamama offers customers several services specialized in scripts industry, to meet all customer’s requirements, whether they are media organizations or independent journalists, and these services are:


We help, discuss and develop ideas for any project, and we formulate the idea to be suitable for production in appropriate media format, we also have an index of huge successful ideas for both TV series, programs, TV reports, and commercial ads, in addition we welcome any ideas or proposals from the amateurs to develop and help in marketing it.



Ideas and scripts are always in need to different types of reliable Researches to be presented to the public, in a trusted and academic approach, at Al-Yamama we have a number of skilled researchers in the various disciplines of scientific research, conducting research simple methods.


Al-Yamama owns the team and sufficient skills for preparing and processing scripts, editing and proofreading all the audio-visual and readable forms. And we keep monitoring scripts in the later stages during production and montage operations.