Solutions and Consulting services

In case you intend on project that might need for logistical support and counseling, Al-Yamama is your right destination, we are able to build an integrated broadcast system according to your requirement, design and build the studios, establish control rooms, and provide consultancy for lighting and acoustics, and All you need for Event, sports matches, [...]

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Pre-production services

One of the important phases in the process of making a visual product with high quality, pre-production phase which includes many activities requiring to be planned well and nicely before you start shooting, and those activities are: Casting and Choosing the crew  Al Yamama owns accurate database of qualified professionals, actors, producers and experts. And we [...]

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post production services

Post-production operations contain a variety of services, they all care about bringing out the products appropriate technically, here are the services that we offer at the post-production phase: - montage and video editing operations Al Yamama provides you with a creative production units, that will serve you with professionally, our unites are modernly equipped Moderated [...]

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Live Studio & Broadcasting services

Live Studio/Position from Ramallah & East Jerusalem Jerusalem-Studio One of the most important services provided by Al-Yamama to our clients are broadcasting services, which Enhanced with a fleet OB and SNG vans, this fleet is the largest in Palestine in term of the number of units, and has the most experience in terms of [...]

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The development of ideas, scripts and researches

Al-Yamama offers customers several services specialized in scripts industry, to meet all customer's requirements, whether they are media organizations or independent journalists, and these services are: - Ideas We help, discuss and develop ideas for any project, and we formulate the idea to be suitable for production in appropriate media format, we also have an [...]

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